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Welcome to the Smart Site. Home to some of the best, smartest and most informative info. you'll see anywhere on the web. This is top shelf material here.  No screwing around.





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You don't just get picks here. You get useful, valuable info. you probably won't see anywhere else.


Here at you will find the most LOGICAL, SMART and INTUITIVE football and basketball predictions. Taking the entire weekly schedule sheet during football season, I bunch all the games together and apply the highest level of experience and discipline to find the high-percentage picks that will give the player the winning edge.

You’ve heard it before at the blackjack table:  “Raise your bet when the dealer is more likely to lose!” and the same is true in football and basketball.   Just as there are a few hands in blackjack that warrant this strategy, each week (or each night in basketball) there are usually a few selections that beckon extra attention, and I know how to pick them.  These are higher percentage plays- games where the odds are in your favor based on historical ATS trends, momentum, performance, knowledge of player/coach psychology, player's stakes and salaries, and of coarse, general mathematics.
My unique and logical handicapping edge will give you the advantage you need. Combining mathematics, logic, experience and discipline, I can easily select the most advantageous pointspreads, usually 2-8 selections per week. Oddsmakers are very good, but occasionally they will leave a few opportunities open for the experienced players....

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TheFallMiracle Is being Tracked By The #1 Monitor In The Country
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